Americans Deserve a Clean Government No Matter Who is Elected.

Protect the Public’s Trust educates the public about potential misconduct of government officials so all public servants follow the same rules.

Public service is a public trust. America has always had high expectations for those individuals charged with guiding the American ship of state. Unfortunately, leaders have not always lived up to these ideals. There has increasingly become a double standard with different rules and oversight of public officials based on irrelevant and arbitrary factors such as political party and policy perspectives. When this happens it undermines Americans’ faith in their government and what might otherwise be sensible policies being advanced.

Only through compliance and enforcement of the rules and obligations of our public servants can we begin to restore the public trust. Protect the Public’s Trust is a project dedicated to ensuring there is only one standard – one set of rules that our leaders must live by no matter what party or ideological affiliation they may have. Through research and public education, we will monitor and educate the American people about the improper and illegal behavior of senior officials across the government.  The American people deserve a government that is impartial, free from conflicts of interest, and operates without political interference or favoritism. Our goal is to ensure our nation fulfills that promise.

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If you have knowledge of federal officials violating any laws, rules and regulations, please let us know. You can contact us through our secured mail account. By exposing bad actors, we can ensure Americans are aware and get the clean government they deserve.