“A close call”: Office of Special Counsel cleared Fauci of violating Hatch Act just days before 2020 election

Karen Townsend, Hot Air

A complaint was lodged against Dr. Fauci in June by Protect the Public’s Trust, a government transparency non-profit group. The complaint was lodged over an interview with Fauci published in the Washington Post on October 31, 2020, just days before the 2020 presidential election. During the interview, Fauci described Biden’s approach to the pandemic as one that took it more seriously than Trump. Protect the Public’s Trust claimed that Fauci violated the Hatch Act with his remarks.

Protect the Public’s Trust is made up of a group of retired and former public servants. They are committed to ensuring that there is “one set of rules that our leaders must live by no matter what party affiliation or ideological bent.” The group’s director issued a statement on the OSC’s ruling.

Michael Chamberlain, director of Protect the Public’s Trust, said: ‘The highest-paid employee in the federal government, and one of the most influential public voices, should be held to the highest standards of conduct.

‘Unfortunately, as the Office of Special Counsel noted, Dr. Fauci disregarded its best practices around the Hatch Act and enabled his official position to be used ‘to make a political point’ even if his motives were unclear.

‘We respect OSC’s determination that this was a “close call” but believe the American public deserves more from officials such as Dr. Fauci.’

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