Congressional Indictment Highlights Necessity of All Public Servants Complying with Ethics Obligations

Restoring the public’s trust requires observing the highest standards

Today, federal watchdog Protect the Public’s Trust responded to the federal grand jury indictment of a Nebraska congressman for possibly violating federal law. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry was reportedly indicted over allegations he “concealed information and made false statements to authorities.”

The American public must be able to trust in those who agree to serve and represent them. Our public servants, regardless of their political party, ideological leanings or the capacity in which they serve, whether as elected officials, political appointees or career staff, should be held to high standards of behavior. When serious and legitimate allegations come to light, it is vital that those allegations be investigated fully and fairly and that there are consequences for those found to have committed misconduct.

“Public service is a public trust,” stated Michael Chamberlain, Director of Protect the Public’s Trust. “With Americans’ trust in their government already at an all-time low it is especially important for our public servants to adhere to the highest principles of ethics, honesty and integrity. Those who fail to live up to these obligations should be held accountable.”