Special Counsel Declares It’s a ‘Close Call’ on Whether Fauci Actively Undermined Trump During 2020 Election

Joe Saunders, The Western Journal

It’s a bad sign when even the whitewash admits it’s a “close call.”

But that was the ruling last week when the United States Office of Special Counsel decided that de facto COVID czar Anthony Fauci didn’t break a law against federal employees engaging in political activity when he gave a loaded interview to The Washington Post that boosted then-candidate Joe Biden against then-President Donald Trump less than a week before the 2020 election.

And the ruling used reasoning only the Beltway could pretend to believe.

In a letter dated Jan. 3, the OSC responded to a complaint filed by the conservative nonprofit group Protect the Public’s Trust that accused Fauci of violating the Hatch Act, which is aimed at keeping electioneering out of federal government offices.

In its complaint, the group charged that the Fauci interview in the Post, published Oct. 31, 2020, “exceeded the mere exchange of opinions and in fact, participated in impermissible political activity.”

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